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  • How does a concierge medical practice differ from a traditional medical practice?
    The biggest difference is that concierge doctors see fewer patients overall allowing for longer, more comprehensive visits. We also dedicate time each day for sick visits, so you won’t wait days or weeks to be seen. Same-day or next-day appointments are always available.
  • Do you only accept adult patients?
    Mamba Physician Care is a Concierge Family Medicine practice, so we care for patients across the lifespan – children to adults.
  • What type of illnesses do you treat?
    As a primary care office, we handle just about everything pops up in day-to-day life. Our main goal is prevention and education. By getting regular routine check-ups, potential issues can be found and addressed early on to prevent major morbidity from diseases down the line. Should you need to see a specialist or be admitted to the hospital, we will remain in direct communication with your providers for continuity of care.
  • What does it cost to become a patient at Mamba?
    Our annual fees start at $3,000 annually.
  • Can I see the doctor as often as I want?
    Yes, with the concierge model, you can see your physician as often as you need to – all covered under the annual membership fee.
  • What if the doctor is on vacation?
    As a member of Mamba Physician Care, you are never alone. All patients are notified by email prior to any vacations. If Dr. Akram is not available, there will be another trusted medical professional available to assist patients with any urgent matters.
  • What if I am admitted to the hospital?
    We provide courtesy visits to the hospital. Your doctor will discuss your case with the hospitalist and specialists on a daily basis, and help explain the plan of care.
  • What if I need a specialist?
    Most of your healthcare needs can be handled by your primary care doctor. But, in the event that you do need to see a specialist, we will be sure to find the right doctor for you, and make sure you know who you are seeing.
  • What are the benefits of joining Mamba Physician Care?
    When you are a patient at Mamba Physician Care, we will provide all of your primary care services through our office. This includes routine diagnostic annual physical exams, regardless of medical need or necessity, wellness exams, office visits as needed, with same day or next day availability, courtesy visits to local hospitals and nursing homes, minor office procedures, EKGs, home visits on select occasions, after hours direct communication via text, phone or video, and arrangements to see specialists with direct doctor to doctor communication.
  • What if I have a medical emergency?
    If you are having a medical emergency that necessitates a visit to the Emergency Room, we will personally speak with the emergency room physician, discuss any relevant findings, and help explain the diagnosis and plan of care with you.
  • What if I need Urgent Care?
    For non life-threatening issues, you will be able to contact your doctor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In most cases, we can diagnose and treat you, without the need to visit an ER.
  • Is there a limit in how many patients can join Mamba Physician Care?
    Yes. One of the benefits of a concierge practice is that we carry a much smaller patient panel. This allows us to devote much more time and energy to each individual patient we see.
  • What exactly does board certification mean for you?
    Step into the world of holistic healthcare with Dr. Akram at MAMBA Physician Care. Backed by the esteemed certification from the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians, he sets a gold standard in patient care in central Florida. Embodying the osteopathic pillars of compassion, empathy, and attentive listening, Dr. Akram integrates the famed Mamba Mentality into every facet of his treatment approach. With specialized board certification in both family medicine and osteopathic manipulation treatment, he's not just well-versed – he's at the pinnacle of clinical excellence. Choose Dr. Akram and experience a lifetime commitment to advancing health and well-being.
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