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Concierge Family Practice

Experience the MAMBA Difference







24/7 Direct Physician Contact ● No Wait Appts ● Extended Office Visits

Welcome to Mamba Physician Care, your personalized family medicine destination in Winter Garden, FL. Our unique concierge model ensures patient-centric care with ample time for medical questions, check-ups, and acute illnesses. Experience compassionate and convenient care today.


Personalized Healthcare Plans


Individual patients will have their healthcare programs customized to meet their specific lifestyle, health requirements, and medical history. Through this, the patient will be provided with the highest level of care that is possible.

Preventive Care

With the intention of fostering total health and wellness, we will place an emphasis on preventative care, which will include screenings, vaccinations, and lifestyle counseling.

Direct Physician Communication

Direct communication between the patient and the physician, whether through the telephone, email, or secure messaging services, will ensure prompt medical care and assistance..

Chronic Disease Management


Personalized care for chronic illnesses like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma to improve quality of life and manage symptoms.

Extended Appointment Times

Extended appointments allow doctors to analyze, answer, and address any patient concerns.




School Twist

Urgent Care and Same-Day Appointments

Patients will be given priority access to appointments on the same day as well as urgent medical care services in order to facilitate their acute medical need.

Telemedicine Services

Patient-friendly virtual consultations for those who choose remote treatment or have trouble attending the office.

Executive Health Programs

Customized health programs for busy executives, include full health examinations and ongoing assistance.

Mental Health and Stress Management

Supporting emotional well-being with counseling, mental health, and stress management.

Home Visits

Patient who cannot make it to the office may receive medical care at home.

Coordination of Specialists

We will refer patients and engage with trustworthy specialists to deliver integrated healthcare.

Lifestyle Medicine

Implementing evidence-based lifestyle treatments to improve health and well-being.

Annual Health Assessments

Comprehensive annual health checks to measure progress and spot issues.

Wellness and Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition, exercise, and stress management advice tailored to your lifestyle.

Travel Medicine and Vaccinations

Health screenings, immunizations, and recommendations to keep patients healthy while traveling.

Chronic Pain Management

Multimodal pain management approaches for chronic pain patients to increase comfort and function.

In-Office Procedures

Performing minor medical treatments in the office for patient convenience.






  1. Communicate with your Doctor 24/7
  2. Same day appointments
  3. Limited number of patients
  4. Shorter wait times, longer consultations
  5. Emphasis on disease prevention and early detection

Stop waiting months to see your doctor, and then being rushed through a 15-minute appointment. Enjoy Same-day or next-day appointments with shorter wait times and extended face to face time with your doctor. Consultations are more relaxed, allowing plenty time to ask questions and get to know your doctor.

​In between appointments, send Dr. Akram an email or text, use FaceTime, or give him a call at any time.

- Platinum Elite & Executive Members -

As a member of our concierge medicine program, you'll enjoy a variety of exclusive perks. This includes personalized care from a dedicated physician, extended appointment times, and 24/7 access to medical support. You'll also have access to advanced medical services and treatments, as well as priority scheduling for appointments. Sign up today and experience the benefits of concierge medicine for yourself!

How it Works

Convenience and personalized care for patients who prefer a more direct and predictable healthcare experience.

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Contact us to get started

Get started on your journey to improved health today and take advantage of a better experience with your physician that is not available to many individuals in today's world.

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Pay one flat fee

We value openness and truthfulness. We don't have any unexpected or hidden fees, so we only charge a set amount for our services.


See your physician as often as you need

Visit your doctor for comprehensive care that extends beyond routine checkups. With a single annual fee, you can control your expenses without worrying about extra charges for each visit.

Empowering you to take control of your health


Personal, comprehensive, and always on your side—experience healthcare the right way.

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